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Chatbots and Oracle Content Management
Chatbots provide a new approach to real-time, personalized customer experience. Rather than treating chatbots as silos, it has become increasingly important to think of chatbots as publishing channels for an interactive content model. In the Content Management ODA sample we demonstrate how you can use the rich headless CMS capabilities of Oracle Content Management to deliver relevant content to your chatbot.

About This Sample
The Sales Enablement Bot uses Oracle Digital Assistant for development and deployment, and Oracle Content Management for all its content needs.
Oracle Content Management powers the chatbot through
- Headless delivery of content via REST APIs which allows the existing content to be reusable in a conversational format without any duplication
- Powerful taxonomy capabilities for proper content tagging and categorization so the chatbot can pull information more accurately for customers based on their search intent

How to use this sample
The Sales Enablement bot can fetch stories and announcements relevant to your search query. You can ask the bot to show you stories for a particular category, categories in a particular menu or a list of all menus

Example Bot conversations
When User asks: Hi / help me / what do I do?
Bot gives a brief explanation on how to search content
When User asks: I want to set up a cafe
Bot gives stories related to setup a cafe (category)
When User asks: show me selling menu
Bot gives a list of items in selling menu to choose from
When User asks: Show main menu
Bot gives a list of menus to choose from